Educational Philosophy

“Take what the course gives you, and turn it into a buffet.” A wise man once said to not put all of your eggs in one basket. I believe that one should diversify his/her education and knowledge instead of focus on one aspect of education. Taking what the course gives you means to take advantage of opportunities when they come your way. When the teacher offers knowledge to a student, the student has the option to use that knowledge and create more opportunities for more knowledge.


            I believe our generation has unlimited potential to succeed in life. By applying the knowledge that we gain and use it to help society is our goal. For every knowledge, there are various outcomes. What this means is that there are numerous uses for the things we learn and can apply to help society in multiple ways.

Personal Goals

             As an individual, I am a strong believer in setting yourself goals to achieve in life. One of the most common, but important goals to establish is the immediate goals. I have several immediate goals that I have recognized to aid my road to success in life. For example, one of my goals is to arrive to a place no later than on time. What that means is that it is unacceptable to arrive at a location tardy, and the earlier, the better.

            Furthermore, another set of goals would be goals that are achievable 5 years from now. Such goals are meant to be kept conscious of, but not rushed to attain at an early time if the risk outweighs the reward. For me, goals that pertain to 5 years from now are graduating from college, obtain skills in the labor force, and find a person who is potentially going to be a part of my family in the years to come. Although these goals are not achievable immediately, the chances to obtain these goals are much more likely in the years ahead.

            In addition to the two sets of goals, there is another set of goals that pertain to 10 years from now. These goals are achievable only with the future attributes you will gain from the years of experience in life. My goals 10 years from now are to own a home, raise a great family, work in the career that I strived for, and achieve happiness in life. These goals could also be rolled over for the later years, because these goals are more long term than anything.


Joe Philaphet

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To obtain and utilize knowledge of the day-to-day work of a business through a part time job, summer internship and/or job shadowing experience.


Microsoft Office



Engineering & Technology
Riverdale High School –  2010-2013

Riverdale, GA

Worked on programs such as CAD,










Riverdale High School
2010  Present

Riverdale, GA

·         National Honor Society: 2013 – Present

·         Student Athlete: 2010 – Present

·         A – Honor Roll: 2011, 2012

·         AB – Honor Roll: 2010, 2013


Career Assessment/Career Essay

“Tell us a story from your life, describing an experience that either demonstrates your character or helped to shape it”


            Everyone has that one specific talent that stands out more than anything else. For me, my special talent is golf, and golf definitely helped shape my character. Everyone visualizes golf in a different way; some view golf as a sport, some view it as a leisure activity. I view golf as the basis for a balanced life. It takes a lifetime to understand life and its qualities, which is why golf enlightens my knowledge of my life.


            I was exposed to the game of golf ever since I was a young kid eager to play numerous sports. Golf came to me because my personality matched the aspects of golf, such being calm and intelligent, as well as having patience. Golf was the key to maintaining such a personality, because in order to play and enjoy golf, one must have patience. If you ask anyone who’s ever tried golf before, they’ll say that they had a difficult time hitting the ball off the ground. Anyone who plays golf understands the difficulty of the sport, but at the same time, it demonstrates how the best golfers are the most patient and intelligent ones.


            As I progress throughout my years as a person, I began to realize how much golf has changed my perspective in myself. My surroundings on the golf course are much more soothing than the surroundings of everyday activity. I could even describe the golf course as a stress relieving environment that pleases my mind. When I uncovered this type of surrounding, my outlook on life changed dramatically. I realized that there was more to life than what was offered outside of our comfort zone. From that point on, I had a keen mind to know more about the game of golf, which would also aid in understanding the good in life.


            My experience in golf allowed me to think about things or situations that I never would have considered otherwise. For example, there are countless golf charitable events that anyone can participate in, and I have participated in several charitable events that help numerous people. There are ways of giving back to the community, and everyone who takes part in this always has a feeling of accomplishment. I have participated in my county’s PSA Golf Tournament fund-raiser, which supports the Superintendent’s Scholarship Fund. This event aids scholars who seek scholarships and financial needs.


It has made a massive impact on me, and has inspired me to be more active in making a difference. It also has given me the motivation to prosper in my goals, including goals such as creating different ideas on how to improve our society and inspire young children to follow the right path. Being a part of events that will encourage people to follow the right path creates new goals that will inspire me to become a better individual. In order to prosper in such events, I must have the patience, compassion, and understanding in not only in the event, but also in myself.


            Overall, golf has balanced my mind in a way that I can analyze the virtues of life. Golf is a must for me, because without it, I wouldn’t have been faithful to my commitment of my virtues as much as I am now. My patience, motivation, strength, compassion, and understanding in myself have improved tremendously because of golf. I plan to continue learning and improving in golf, as well as strive to my goal of becoming a man of great character. I know that if I don’t rush life and take each goal one at a time, life can be as enjoyable as being on the golf course.

Postcolonial BNW

Based on Huxley’s Brave New World, he falls more in between the two, but more so towards post-colonist. He compares the lives of a person in the “utopian” world to a “savage” in the other world. He shows how colonists would force their beliefs upon others who are not part of the society. For example, the children would listen to recordings to brainwash them into thinking what they wanted them to think. Another example is when the Controller was lecturing about how they forbid the people from loving books and flowers. Flowers were part of the colony before, but now they are revolutionizing how people react to them.
If Native Americans read this portion of the text, they would be able to relate to this. The Native Americans would be considered the “savages” from the story. They have a different standard of living, and they believe in certain things. This is an example of how Native Americans were oppressed at that time.
Overall, it is a big deal, because when people start to think differently, they take action. When they take action, they can change the society and tradition.

Critical Essay on Morrison’s Sula

In the article Toni Morrison’s Sula: A Satire on Binary Thinking, its main focus was to explain how Sula was written. Morrison wrote Sula with an act of binary thinking, confusing the reader with denials and possibilities. The use of satire certainly confused readers when Morrison describes the setting of the Bottom, as the top of a city. The author forces the reader to think and analyze the possibility of why the village’s name is Bottom, which later on clarifies with poor land to farm. Ironically, it just so happens that the Africans had to use the land. The primary purpose gives us an idea and makes us think about what is truly meant, and then we are rewarded for our thoughts. The author also uses theories from McDowell to Griffin.

The work has achieved its purpose fully. Its goal was to leave the reader thinking an analyzing what was given, and when the reader finally catches it, they gain the full understanding. I did have some complications understanding the historical meaning of “satire.” The only part of the article where too much information was given would be about the historical background of satire. I do not understand the historical background, but I do understand the use of satire in the novel, and how one must chew before they swallow. The organization of the article was indeed important, as it helped my understand more about why the novel was written as such. The literature in the article pertained to the works of the novel, and uses the correct vocabulary.


Greetings to all. My name is Joe, and I am currently a senior at Riverdale High School. I am a hard working academic student, who always strives to become better in any way possible. I have been aspiring to exceed in my classes, as well as my future to come. Over the course of my highschool career, I have gain new knowledge of myself that I didn’t know at first. I always push myself to go over the limit to seek more knowledge than what has been given at hand. My goals for this course are to have a better understanding in liturature, and apply the new knowledge to my life outside of school.

My goals after RHS pertain to what I want to do in my life. I plan to attend college and major in a career that suites me, as well as provide a variety of job options that I can choose from. I will continue to gain knowledge throughout my life, and push myself to go the extra mile. Everything that I will learn in the course of my senior year will benefit me towards what I yearn as a successful person. As I continue to experience life, I will enjoy every moment of it.